Bureau de Style


Today, only experiences can reveal the value of products and services. The guiding goal of our agency is to imagine these unique experiences.

Some of the tools we offer:

Trend Books

A collection of as/inspirational publications showcasing colors and styles, designs and patterns, materials and atmospheres: the perfect ingredients to revitalize, refocus and personalise a range of products and brands.

Our yearly publication Sensibilities® Inside Touch Sense translates our intuitions into a hands-on guide and practical tool for the creative process through 50 mood boards organized in six major themes.

Color Coordination
Each year, we develop our new color palettes which bring together the color harmonies of our trend books. They come in a custom-made box with dyed cotton swatches. Sensibilities® also offers personalised coloration services.

Custom studies

Sensibilities® edits a range of niche publications including SUSTAINABLE REVOLUTION, a corporate presentation on Sustainable Design.



Some applications of our forecasting tools:

Food – Fashion – Accessories – Interior Decoration – Home Accessories – Textiles & Apparel – Consumer Goods – Auto Packaging & Stationary – Cosmetics & Well-Being

#   Creative Services – Custom Studies