Natural selection and survival of the fittest: are they still the keys to the future (and to the past)?

While Darwin’s Theory still has broad consensus, from the start, it could have simply been a reality tunnel made out of ‘conditioned associations’ as Robert Anton Wilson would say.

Natural diversity continues to dwindle while economic and cultural obsessions make us blind to the most menacing evolutions. Baudrillard might have meant just that with ‘Dead Reality’.

In the timeframe of just one hundred years, we continue to snort up natural resources, like irresistible drugs. Resources that have taken billions of years to brew. Bye bye, Family Tree of Life?

No. In 2015, disrupt tunnels. Rethink all thought systems. Great new things might be born. Surges in innovation or evolution happen through agnosticism.

Google’s Serendipituous ‘Solve for X’ Moonshots are an exemple. Try making a thing 10 times better, instead of 10 percent better.

— Words  # A.D.

La sélection naturelle : est elle toujours la clef vers l’avenir ?

La théorie de Darwin ne serait-elle pas en fait un tunnel d’associations conditionnées, comme le dirait Robert A. Wilson ?

Depuis 100 ans, nous sniffons toutes nos ressources naturelles, comme un rail de coke. Bye bye, Arbre de Vie ? Non. En 2015,  challengeons tout système de pensée. De grandes choses pourraient naître.

L’innovation et l’évolution viennent à travers de l’agnosticisme. Dans tous les domaines.