Foraging is the gathering of food in the wild.

Chefs and foodies worldwide, in an apparent step of resistance, are starting to source their food themselves, in the wilderness, or on organic farms. For the food quality. They want to grow autonomous, once again, too.

As our post on Charles Darwin explains, humans might not necessarily be evolving towards more intelligent states. Just listen to Pierre Rabhi and his Colibris, who question the myth of limitless economic and agro-industrial growth. Mr Rabhi invites us to usher in a life of ‘happy sobriety’.

It is no surprise then, that the hunter-gatherer in us is re-awakening. We want to know what we eat, and where it comes from. Your origin of spices? Join the cueillette!

— Words  # A.D.


Fourrager signifie chercher soi-même sa nourriture dans la nature.

Chefs et gastronomes du monde entier, dans une mouvance apparente de résistance, commencent à ramasser leurs aliments eux-mêmes.

Selon les saisons. Dans le forêt ou dans des cueillettes à la ferme. Pour devenir autonome, une nouvelle fois.