No more iPhone. No more iSelf.

Nomophobia is the fear of living without that little glowing blue screen, our generation’s ‘biggest window to the world’.

The concept of ‘no-mobile phobia’ consists of panic attacks suffered when people are separated from their smart phone, and have been studied and discussed by Russell Clayton, a researcher from Missouri and by YouGov, a UK-based research organization.

The studies note drops in mental performance when people are forced to ditch their electronic Swiss army toolbox, which in fact could already be characterised as some kind of bionic extension.

Are humans already objects in the internet of everything, long before Singularity?

— Words  # A.D.


La Nomophobie est la peur de vivre sans ce petit écran bleu lumineux, cette grande fenêtre contemporaine au monde.

Des attaques de panique subies quand nous sommes séparés de notre portable, une sorte d’extension bionique.

Sommes nous déjà devenus des objets dans l’Internet de Tout, bien avant la Singularité ?