Internet taps into increasingly large global connected communities and offers mechanisms to leverage their wealth and potential.

Large investments are made to cash in on these interconnected reservoirs. To investors, online communities are essentially like fuel.

But can we put the web to work, to create richness durably? Is it being wired to become a true ‘motor’ of society, self-perpetuating the economic and human reservoirs that it thrives upon?

Technology is a great new part of our lives, yet it should improve society in the long term. As a tool to move forward. Not as a distractive, one-way pump exploiting ‘static mines’. People are not fossil fuels.

Today’s times ask for web-independent thinking. To trigger a paradigm shift, replacement strategies and New Productivity. Without productivity, there will be no one to fund another man’s return on investment.

While the web offers great new ways to challenge sluggish, inherited and out-dated models, we should not allow it to grow asymptotic, like the old economy and sometimes culture, seem to be becoming.

Indeed, the religion of Internet, or a kind of massive civilizational FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) seem to prevent us from exploring new ways to create productive richness and distributed wealth.

Let’s unclick and opt-out. To reconnect with social and spiritual values, but also with human productivity. It is in our interest.

Reconsider your future before clicking again.

— Words  # A.D.



Internet permet de puiser dans des communautés mondiales de plus en plus grandes, tout en fournissant les mécanismes pour tirer parti de leur richesse et de leur potentiel.

Des investissements importants sont faits pour développer ces réservoirs interconnectés.

Mais comment mettre le web au travail, pour créer de la richesse durablement?

La toile, ne devrait-elle pas être un véritable «moteur» de la société, pérennisant le réservoir économique et humain dont elle se nourrit?

Les temps d’aujourd’hui demandent une ligne de pensée indépendante du web pour développer cette productivité nouvelle.

Sans cela, ni le web, ni les internautes, ne seront en mesure d’assurer le retour sur investissement que chacun d’entre eux est en droit d’attendre.

Débranche, avant de cliquer une nouvelle fois.