Jean-Luc Georges has several lives, but one red splash dashes right through. He is an artist.

Born in 1972 in northern France, he now lives and works in Lyon. Revealed as a laureate of the Lyon Society of Fine Arts in 2006, he organised his first successful solo exhibition in 2007.

Today, Jean-Luc Georges experiments a delicate, ever-evolving intuitive brute-ism in his paintings.

With offbeat materials and a refreshing cubist approach, he builds abstract reinterpretations on canvas of Lego, shipping containers, tagged road tunnels and crime scenes.

In his latest works he mixes paint with epoxy resin and concrete glue, following his passion to reinvent content, form and structure.

The irresistible force and new dimensions that emanate from his works, amplified by the sizes of his canvasses, are definitely worth discovering. More of Georges can be found on his personal website.

UPDATE — Jean-Luc Georges has just set foot in Miami, where his latest babies will be exposed this Fall @ ArtFusionGallery

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Jean-Luc Georges a plusieurs vies, mais il y a un trait rouge à travers de tout. C’est un artiste. Né en 1972 dans le nord de la France, il vit et travaille à Lyon. 

Aujourd’hui, il expérimente un brutalisme délicat et intuitif dans ses peintures.

De par une utilisation de matériaux non conventionnels et une approche cubiste, il construit des ré-interprétations abstraites sur toile de Legos, conteneurs maritimes, des tunnels routiers taggués et des scènes de crime.

Pour en savoir plus, consultez le site de Georges.